Thursday, July 24, 2008


1. Not my real birth name. Don't ask. Well, you can, but it isn't that interesting.

5. I am living proof that pilots don't need to be smart.

6. I love that movie. But I don't recommend it to everyone. I don't want them to know how much I cried and how big of a pansy I am. The book is good too but the movie is better.

7. Heather and laundry don't even belong in the same sentence. Unless it goes like this, "As she hustled out the door, Heather yelled to her hubby, 'You better have the laundry done before I get home, Pansy!'"

8. It doesn't matter, I am always right.

9. If by responsible you mean that you spent the money in the first place I would say you are 95% responsible.

19. We first saw each other at a singles ward Halloween Dance. She thought I was a creep cause I was staring at her then too.

20. Subtly she said, "how come you didn't ask me for my number before?" Hint, Hint.

21. Heather tried to kiss me on our first date. I gave her a hug and as I pulled back to smile at her and say good night and I saw her close her eyes and pucker up. I just kept looking at her until she opened her eyes. I still laugh about it.

23. Cessna 172. It was a great flight until she said, I have to pee and we were still about 20 mins away from the airport. Good times.

Heather, I love you lots!

I tag Jose, Josb and Gibbs.


The Starrs said...

You boys! Can't you just let us girls have our fun? :-)

Stephanie said...

Matt, you are too funny! I do remember when Heather came home after that Halloween dance, I don't think she thought you were a creep at all. In fact, I believe she was quite smitten with you from the very beginning. She kept talking about the Crocidile Hunter who was hanging out with Greg!

Unknown said...

Well done. How in the world did we manage to get married? By the way, I hope it's a boy. Mason needs a cool kid to hang with.

shayla said...

What the heck Reddin Everett? Gotta give at least one 'normal' name to the kid if it's a boy. I say you be like Gma/gpa with the name 'Yuille' and name it Reddin if it's a boy OR a girl. Then see who's laughing now. At least you will have gotten the name 'Reddin'. Your welcome for saving it.

Emily said...

Hilarious. And Jose/Josb makes me think of McKenzie singing "Jose can you seeee...."

Wayne said...

Dude, how can you not tag Murphy?

Cameron's Corner said...

It's nice to see some honesty finally. Nice going, Matt.

America said...

That was quite funny!

rebecca said...

I'm sure Heather was smitten by your smooth dance moves, Matthew.
I was really hoping for Gibs response!

....and I love the names for your baby. You know another girl would be cute like Mattie, and I love the name, Venna. But I'd love to see a little M/H boy, so boy was my guess. Can't wait for Friday! I'm going to be thinking of you until you call:)