Sunday, August 17, 2008

Menzie Family Summer 2008

While we were in UT, we were able to once again get family pictures taken by our very talented friend Katie Rasmussen. This year Mattie did the two year old thing and didn't really want to cooperate, unless it was her idea. I was sure that the pictures weren't going to turn out that great this year, but Katie is amazing and found a way to capture some beautiful pictures of our MoMo! We were very pleased with these photos. It will be fun to have our pictures taken next year when our family is joined by Reddin! So, thank you again Katie, we love them!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Verdict Is In!

As many of you may know, we went in for our ultrasound today. Matthew and I were accompanied by Mattie, my mother and close friend of our family Alexis Jarvis. We were very excited to see how our little one was coming along. Matthew tried to videotape the ultrasound, but was told it wasn't allowed. Instead of being able to show you a clip of the tech telling us what we are having, we can show the next best thing. So, without further adieu, here are the pictures...

And finally the kicker! Its a picture of the bum with the legs and if you look in between the legs, their is a BOY part (to put it nicely)!
That's right, we will be welcoming little Reddin Everett Menzie to our family by the end of this year!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer 2008 Utah Trip (late but worth the wait)

I am sure you could figure it out on your own sooner or later but I'll save you the time, this is Matt making the post.

It has been over a month since we went out for the family reunion in Utah that my mom spent so much time putting together. Sorry to make you wait.

While we were there we took a few pics. We tried to get a shot of everyone so watch the whole thing and you might see yourself. If not, we were having so much fun with you that we forgot to whip out the camera. So, take it as a complement.

Most of the photos were taken by us and the rest are being used without permission. Thank you to your shutter-happy fingers Wayne, Becky, Shayla, Mark, Tallie, Brett, Emily and Julie.