Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer 2008 Utah Trip (late but worth the wait)

I am sure you could figure it out on your own sooner or later but I'll save you the time, this is Matt making the post.

It has been over a month since we went out for the family reunion in Utah that my mom spent so much time putting together. Sorry to make you wait.

While we were there we took a few pics. We tried to get a shot of everyone so watch the whole thing and you might see yourself. If not, we were having so much fun with you that we forgot to whip out the camera. So, take it as a complement.

Most of the photos were taken by us and the rest are being used without permission. Thank you to your shutter-happy fingers Wayne, Becky, Shayla, Mark, Tallie, Brett, Emily and Julie.


Cameron's Corner said...

I watched the whole thing, like you asked, but I didn't see me... you liars.

rebecca said...

love the slideshow. I think I'll have Wayne give pics titles on our next slideshow. I'm wishing my girls were on the pony ride with Mattie. That's something we'll have to do next time we're in UT (when we bring Christina to college:)).

Day after tomorrow....!!!

Matthew said...

I won't make a habit out of this. I just had the time while doing nothing at the airport. Heather has been super busy lately so I picked up the slack. After all, we need to catch up before tomorrow when we find out what parts our new child has.

Emily said...

Funny captions. Can't wait to hear the big news tomorrow!

H.Cook said...

is tomorrow when you find out the gender of your baby??

cute pictures, it looks like you have a really fun family!