Sunday, December 7, 2008

Twilight Shower

Late post here. It was written awhile ago but delayed posting due to busyness and laziness on my part. BTW, this is Matt writing this. I told Heather I would write it for her cause I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make fun of Twilight.

Many thanks go out to our friends and family that helped make Heather's shower weekend great.

As you may know, especially if you live here in Florida, Heather was thrown a baby shower by Faith Burgoon and Janet Tobler. It was coupled with an exciting "girls night out" to see the opening of Twilight. I was unable to go because I had to watch Mattie AND (it's a big and) I am not a girl. I might seem girly sometimes but I assure you, I'm not a girl. See Michael Jackson. Case in point... I think.

Back to Twilight cause I can't just skip over it and not poke fun. Seriously! What the heck do you guys see in this vampire stuff. I know, I am not educated in the art of sucking blood but I do know sucky movies. And no, I'm not jealous.

I better start with the real reason for the post before you ladies get too fumed at me.

Heather had so much fun. She expressed a little concern about being the center of attention (can you believe it?). It worked out great that the focus turned to the movie after the shower. We got to keep her humble.

Heather was so anxious to tell me all about the shower. She even called and interrupted the Daddy-Daughter Date I was on with Mo. We were enjoying the awesome gourmet meal from Hong Kong Super Buffet. Heather won't eat there with me, she thinks it's nasty. I agree but it had been about two years and one remodel since I was there. I had to give it another shot, besides MoMo loved it.

When the Mrs. got home the first thing she did was whip out the camera to show me all of the pictures. Next, she made me read all of the cards and check out all of the great little boy clothes. My favorite were all the ones with the little airplanes. I wonder why? After that, she crashed. I took that to be a good sign she had a blast.

The cake was awesome. Michele Richards took the "Menzie World" idea and ran with it. It was just about as impressive as the wedding cake she made for us nearly 5 years ago. Heather brought some home and I wanted to freeze it to enjoy a year from now.

As for the games, Heather tells me it wasn't a typical shower. There was just one game and one contest. Using magazine headlines and clippings the women made colleges using a picture of Heather glued onto bodies with other pics to simulate a gossip magazine article. They were hilarious.

As for the contest, Michele offered a custom cake to the closest guess of how many flowers she put on the cake. 297!!! The Stephensons won, congrats.

I personally loved the tiara. The only problem with the tiara is that it says "mother to be". That's too bad cause she really needs one for everyday use after she gives birth.

Thanks to all of you who planned, participated and or came to the shower. A special thanks to our great friends, the Ahmeds, who gifted us our double stroller! And another huge thank you to all for your generous gifts. They were much appreciated! I promise it is the last time.


rebecca said...

heather, i dare you to wear the tiara to L&D! LOL. What an over the top amazing cake. I've never seen anything like it. You've got some wonderful, creative friends. XO!

shayla said...

Did you actually dig into the cake and eat it? It looked more like a Disney playhouse for Momo. Wow...what talent! I think Matt should recap your 'events' every week so every detail is covered, facetious or not...but facetious is good. What a great shower. I'm a little skeptical about Twilight and have only read the first page of the first book. I think Matt is probably just jealous of what's-his-bucket in the book.

The Less Extreme Couponer said...

OK Matt, here's the deal with Twilight. Though it is a vampire movie, which I am a huge fan of, it is actually not much about "vampires" per say. It is more like a love novel that happens to be between a vampire and a mortal person. Being that I am a vampire movie fanatic (my favorite movies actually) this is where I draw my opinion from. In my opinion the reason most women are especially drawn to the books/movie is due mostly to the love and unbelievable connection that the characters have for one another. Every girl wants an "Edward." The fact that there are immortal characters is where all the drama and suspense come in. Without it, it would just be a love story. And personally I would rather have the drama and suspense come from immortal characters and imaginitive adventures than the typical drama that takes place in most love stories. So anyways, that's my Twilight opinion. I do however wonder what it is about the story that men find intriguing. I am guessing it would not be Edward. LOL So, I think it is great you posted about the party! Your so nice. And, I know you guys have at least one more in store for us to be able to have another shower/twilight party. You guys will have to time that one with the next release! :)

Teresa Beth Brower Timms said...

I don't get the Twilight vampire thing either Matthew - guess you take after your mom.

Look at all those cute mother's to be at your shower! What a wonderful cake! Wish I could have been there.

Wayne said...

Mom, you're not helping his whole "I am not a girl" argument. :P

Janet said...

It was so fun :)!!! Your cake was awesome!

Joy said...

Matt, I love your posts, keep 'em coming! Heather, awesome party. I want a cake and cool mom collages! You guys have too much fun!!

Emily said...

Wow they really put a lot into it. Looks like fun, glad you got some boy stuff!