Sunday, March 16, 2008

Matt's first post

Really, this is just messing around.
After our ward Easter primary activity yesterday, a few of the fathers started showing off their mad skills. I didn't even dare try cause I would look like a goof.
I grabbed the camera and started shooting.
I have been wanting to make a video montage of MoMo so I used these video clips for practice. Kind of weak on my part in terms of editing.
BTW, yesterday was 89°, tied for the record.


rebecca said...

A for persistence on their part.... and no wipe outs? Impressive.

H.Cook said...

I am so jealous of the weather you guys are having!

Jody Weiss said...

Yeah Heather! Your blog is so cute! Looks like some of the dads still have got some skill! It was awesome seeing you and Matt again! Let us know if you ever end up in Louisville for some reason!