Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finally we have arrived!

So, after months of wanting to start a blog for our little family, finally we have one! My amazing sister-in-law Shayla designed our blog and I so appreciate it! Of course Matt fought me for quite a while on the idea of having a blog. He hates doing anything "trendy"! He actually wanted to name our blog "the Bandwagon Menzies"! I quickly vetoed that one! Instead we came up with "Menzie World", because it sounds like Disney World. And, for everyone who knows us really well, they know that we live there! Seriously, we have annual passes, and sometimes we do feel like it is our second home! And for any of you wondering, yes Matt did shave his head, but that's another story for another time. I'm just glad that his hair has grown back! So, here we are with our blog.

I guess I should catch everyone up to speed on our family. Matthew and I have been married for almost four years now. We met while Matt was attending flight school in Florida. After he finished we moved to Salt Lake City, UT where we both worked and awaited the arrival of our daughter Mattie. Our little MoMo was born in Sept. of 2005, thus making her 2 and a half years old. Shortly after Mattie arrived we moved back to FL. I missed my mom, and the beautiful, warm weather. Yeah, I'm so not a fan of the long, cold winters in Utah!

Anyway, so here we are still living in Florida. Matt works out of the Orlando Airport flying for Freedom Air, the 50-seat regional jets for Delta Connection. He has loved living out his dream of flying! I'm grateful that he has a career that he enjoys so much, even if it means I play single mom for days at a time. Mattie and I spend our days going to the gym, playing with friends and watching Dora the Explorer. Yes, she is a HUGE Dora fan! Mattie will be starting up swim lessons again in a month, and she is very excited about it. Here we have to teach them young!

Well, I guess that's about it for my first post. I'm way excited to finally be part of the blogging world! Cheers!


shayla said...

Woo HOO!!! You did it! Way to go--now you have to send out an invite to everyone that you finally jumped on the bandwagon! You won't be disappointed. I never really thought of it as trendy--it's just a great way to make sure we're journaling our lives..funnies & all. You do know you can upload your blog to blurb.com and print it out in a book. That's been my objective in blogging, anyway. Great start!

H.Cook said...

cute, cute blog!! My hubby is opposed to blogging too, but I don't care :) I'm excited to see more pictures of your family. I am jealous of your beautiful weather!

Erin said...

Those pictures of you guys are awesome! Where did you have those taken? Utah?

HBCarole said...

Heather and Matt,
Very very cute pics! Mattie is getting so big and she's a doll! Congrats Matt on your job with the Delta Commuter Airline! You must be on cloud nine, and I am very very proud of you!

Johnny Metropolis said...

Lately it seems like the trendiest thing people do is try really hard "not" to be trendy.

Who am I to talk though, I have a blog, a long board, and where an "In and Out Burger" T-shirt.


Cody and Jen said...

Heather!!!! Crazy that I heard from you!!! I seriously had a dream about you the other night and have been thinking about you for a few days now!!! Weird!! I am so glad to know you have a blog now. We do too!! Now we can stalk eachother any time we want to. We are moving to Utah in a few months because I am going to be going to dental hygiene school. Finally. Well I am glad to be able to keep in touch and see what your cute little family is doing. OUr blog is www.jenandcody.blogspot.com

Cameron's Corner said...

Actually, Heather... "trendy" would be if you started a blog 5 years ago like everyone else did. Since we all started in the last couple of months, we're pretty far past the "trendy" mark.

By the way, awesome family.

rebecca said...

I love the blog. Shayla did a great job, and I love the slide show and pics....very cute!

Emily said...

What, no invite? Just teasing, I'm excited to keep up with you guys a little more now! We were the opposite, Brett wanted me to start a blog and I didn't, but it is a good way to keep in touch with everyone being so spread out. I loved your story about "Mattiekins"--how sweet is that?! We miss you guys.