Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Easter 2009

It finally happened, Matt had to work on a holiday! I know that we have been super blessed to have him home on all of the other holidays so far, so I guess I had to be ok with him being gone for one of them! He did try very hard to get off, so that he could be home, but it just didn't happen for us this time.

The kids and I started out the Easter weekend the same way as we do every year, by
going to the Berger's house to dye eggs and have an Easter egg hunt. Mattie got a glitter dye set from Ama, and she had a fun time using it! Matthew's mom hand painted Easter pails for her children when he was small, and so I have tried to carry on that tradition for our family. I'm not nearly as good as Teresa, but I have had fun making them. I didn't quite get Reddin's pail finished before Easter, so that's on my "to do" list. This year Mattie and Amelia even got their own fenced in area to look for eggs! Mattie of course got way too much candy from the hunt.

After eating a lunch on egg salad sandwiches, we went home to get ready for Wyatt Jarvis' baptism. That event gets a post all of its own though, because our little Mattie sang a solo at the baptism!

On Easter morning, Mattie found her basket full of yummy things left for her from the Easter Bunny. She was very excited to show Reddin his bucket too. Reddin got some fun little gifts from the Easter Bunny as well. She had a great morning getting all junked up on sugar! We have afternoon church this year, so we had the morning to get ready. Matt helped Mo pick out her dress this year. He liked it because he said it reminded him of neapolitan ice cream! I got to pick out Red's outfit. It was actually the one I almost picked out for his blessing, so it was on SALE. We had a fun Easter, but we missed Matt very much. The joys of being married to an airline pilot!

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rebecca said...

Reddin's expression on the couch next to MoMo is hilarious. What a babe. Your pails look darling. I never painted pails for my kids...they're deprived:) Maybe next year. I can't believe this was the 1st holiday Matt's been gone...LUCKY you!