Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sea World

So this year we decided not to do Disney passes since we had Reddin and we don't think that we have any family coming into to town for a visit. We did however decide to get Sea World passes, since you pay for a day and get to go back free for the rest of the year! We went for the first time the other week with my mom, Steph, Greg and Lochlan. We had a great time watching some shows, riding some rides and feeding the animals. Mattie is tall enough for all of the kiddie rides, and Reddin just had a blast looking at all of the people. It will be fun to go back throughout the year.


Wayne said...

I guess we'll scratch our plans for a Disney World Christmas.

rebecca said...

R's getting so big! Come visit!!!

H.Cook said...

I am so jealous you live close to so many fun places!