Thursday, September 25, 2008


Heather nominated me to write this entry because I have the computer this week while at work.

Several weeks ago I was scheduled for a normally lame trip to DC due to the long hotel stay. We were scheduled to fly from Cincinnati to Washington Dulles late Monday night and out early Wednesday morning. That meant for a company paid hotel (Holiday Inn) for 33 hours. It would be a boring stay in any other city due to being alone so long.

I floated the idea to Heather for her to come along and quickly we started making plans for a mini-vacation. We took the Paschals (great friends from our ward) up on their offer to watch Mattie so we could get out of town before Reddin arrives.

Heather accompanied me on my deadhead to Cincinnati to start the trip. In CVG Heather boarded our lovely Freedom Airlines jet. If you didn't know, it is an Embraer Regional Jet, aka ERJ-145. That was our only flight for the day.

The next morning we got up and out to the Hotel Shuttle around 10am which took us back to the airport so we could catch the bus into DC. By noon we were in the "Mall" with little idea where to go. I knew I wanted to see one thing, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

As for Heather, she had an odd request, the Library of Congress. I guess she loved the movie National Treasure. Certainly it's due to Nicholas Cage's hair. That's why I enjoyed it so much. Why do you think they made a sequel?

After checking out both of those places as well as passing by the Capitol, we both were getting tired. I estimate we trekked nearly 3 miles so far. Little did I know we had still had another 3 miles to go. We jumped on the Metro and set off for the White House. While there we saw a lady that has set up camp in front of the White House. Supposedly she has been there since 1980??? Wacko? Maybe. Jacked-up toes? DEFINITELY.

Heather was ashamed when I zoomed in on her toes as she was snoring away in her chair. I was only doing my duty as I saw the need to document this anomaly on the blog.

I was impressed that Heather was still truckin on, being pregnant and all. We were both in flip-flops and tiring quickly. We wandered around looking for a bite to eat before we met up with Adam Berger for dinner. We stumbled upon a shoe store and Heather made an unthinkable purchase. She stepped across the invisible yet clear line, a line which very few can cross and continue to be productive members of society.

However lame they were, it saved her. So in a few short hours I wentfrom one of their biggest opponents to an avid supporter. Though purple, they worked great.

Adam finished up with work. Before our reservations he made for dinner, we quickly toured the National Museum of Natural History. Did you know the Hope Diamond is there? Deer have fangs nowadays?

Six o'clock, and we were off to have dinner, which he so graciously treated. "The Old Ebbitt Grill, Washington’s oldest, most historic saloon, was founded in 1856," according to their website. The food was excellent. Adam and I shared some oysters (my maiden voyage and I'd be happy to sail that ship again). Heather enjoyed
Cannelloni di Casa, house-made pasta stuffed with spinach, mortadella ham and three cheeses, baked in a cream sauce. Adam savored Maine Mussels tossed with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil over white wine and linguine with garlic bread. I relished Seafood Gazpacho with clams, mussels, calamari, scallops, shrimp with fresh basil.

We had still wanted to see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial but it was getting dark. Adam suggested we go to his house by metro and then return in his car. By the time we returned it was dark and possibly even more breathtaking. While walking from the Lincoln toward the Washington we saw the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and WWII Memorial, both of which were very impressive.

Adam dropped us back off at our hotel later that night. It was a near perfect and complete day. Especially after seeing those "monumental toes".

Many thanks to the Paschals for allowing Mattie to boss you around for a few days. Thanks to Adam for dinner and the drive around town.


rebecca said...

Nice report, Matt. I love the monuments at night photos. Heather, you look great! Way to troop around in purple Crocs:) I love it. DC does give you a work out. I can't wait to go back. I'd love to go in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

Janet said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time!! DC looks like so much fun, definitely on my "want to go there list." I am a fan of Croc's and I am so glad that heather has joined the club :).

Lindsay said...

Wow. That sounds like SO much fun. :) Glad you got some time together before the baby comes!

Cameron's Corner said...

Those are some seriously jacked-up toes.

Teresa Beth Brower Timms said...

DC is one of my favorite places to visit. (been there twice - once when I was 8 and again at 15). I'd love to go back for at least a week. The botanical gardens and the museum with all the former first lady inauguration gown were my favorite, along with seeing John Glens space capsule. Do you remember me telling you about getting stuck in the Washington Monument elevator 2/3's of the way up, for 45 minutes?

shayla said...

Nice twinner should have gotten crocks to match Heather's. How nice you were able to 'explore' DC and get away for a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Do you always dress a like. I noticed for Mattie's b-day you were dressed the same at DisneyWorld. LOL just kidding I still love ya
Heather Rowley

Anonymous said...

Oh I did not notice but your friend Shay said the same thing about the outfits so I guess you know it's now a big no no!

The Less Extreme Couponer said...

Just so you know, I love dressing Rylan and I to match, and most the time Ben is ok with it too. Otherwise you clash! I think of them as my accessories...j/k!!!! That sounds like such a fun trip! You guys needed a little vaca just the two. I would love to go to DC! Ben got to do all that stuff as a kid, travel the US attractions, but I didn't and really want to! Thanks for sharing and you look great! Someone at church today told me I look bigger than you, I wasn't too sure how to take that since I am only 14 weeks!!!! :) LOL, what can I say, I am a fastfood junkie, especially when I am pregnant! OOPS!

Stephanie said...

Nice post Matt! Looks like you guys had a great trip. I tried those purple crocs on when I was down in PB on Saturday. Very comfy, although I felt a little like a duck! The lady with the jacked up toes could've used some purple crocs.

Emily said...

That's great you had a getaway before the baby arrives (and Heather, you look great!). Sounds like it was an adventure.

Cameron's Corner said...

Are you feeling ok, Heather? How's the pregnancy? You haven't posted for awhile. We're getting concerned here in Utah.

Heather said...

Thanks Cameron for thinking about me! I am doing good. I have just been tired and busy. I actually have a post that I made up a while ago, and I just have to add the pictures. I also have a couple of more I am working on. Thanks for your concern!