Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ama and Papa visit MoMo

It's time to play catch up some more.

A couple of weeks ago Matthew's mother, Teresa and her husband, Kelly came for a quick visit. They flew in on a Tuesday afternoon. Matt was away on a trip, so Mattie and I drove to the Melbourne Airport to pick up Ama and Papa. It was very nice that they were able to fly into Melbourne, since that is only about 15 minutes from our house! We got back to our house and Ama had a beautiful present for Mattie. She had made her a purple tutu. Mattie loves to wear that tutu and dance around.Ama and Papa were very tired from their trip from UT, so we went to bed a little early that night.

The next day was our play group day. Ama came along with Mattie and me to the playground, while Papa stayed home to rest a little bit more. Mattie had a great time running around and taking turns on the swings with Ama.
After the park we headed off to run errands and take lunch home to Kelly. I had mutual to go to that night, so Matt and I missed each other while I was out. He got home and was able to spend time with his mom while I was still at mutual.

On Thursday we all went to Mattie's swim lessons together. Mattie and I got in the pool for lessons, while Teresa, Kelly and Matt watched from the sidelines.After swim lessons, we all enjoyed lunch at Jason's Deli. We headed home so Teresa and I could get ready for our exciting night out, and for the main reason she flew here to FL that week!

Way back three years ago, when I was pregnant with Mattie, Teresa and I discussed how badly we wanted to see the musical Wicked. I even bought her the book for her birthday, and then bought it for myself to read too. For any of you wondering, the book is actually pretty dark, and I was hoping that the musical was much better. Teresa, my mother and I headed over to Orlando to meet up with my sister Stephanie to see Wicked.It was a so much fun. The play was awesome and the music was amazing. The actors were so great and it was much, much better than the book! I enjoyed it so much. It was a super fun girls' night out! I was very blessed to be able to experience this with three of my very favorite women.

On Friday, we got up and went to Disney World's Epcot. This was Kelly's first trip to FL, and we thought that it would be fun for him to get to experience one of the Disney parks. Epcot was having it's annual Flower and Garden Festival, so we enjoyed looking at the beautiful flowers and other decorations. There was even a butterfly garden that we could walk through. At Epcot, there are "countries" from around the world, and you get to go around and experience what they are like. At each country there is a station for kids to decorate a mask and get it stamped with that country's name on it. Mattie had lots of fun coloring her mask. The food at some of the countries is really great. I love the Moroccan food, and the pastry in Norway, and the chocolate in Italy. We weren't impressed with the bratwurst and sauerkraut in Germany. We had a fun day with beautiful weather.

Our short visit with Ama and Papa was super fun. It was so much fun, that they looked into staying a couple of days longer, but alas the flight loads weren't going to allow it. So, we had to say good bye to Teresa and Kelly on Saturday morning. We had a great time and miss them lots. Mattie adores her Ama and Papa. We can't wait to see them again in June, when we head out Utah. We love you both lots and lots.


rebecca said...

So glad you got to see Wicked together & that your trip was so fun. I love the pics.

Teresa Beth Brower Timms said...

We loved our trip to FL. We're looking forward to having all 16 grandchildren and 11 (maybe 12) kids here! Lots of fun things planned!

Stephanie said...

Glad I could go with you guys to Wicked. It was so amazing. I had fun

katierasmussen said...

So fun! I want to see wicked so bad. It comes to Utah next spring. Mattie is going to be such a good swimmer. I need to do that with Addy!

Emily said...

How fun, can't wait to see you guys next month.

shayla said...

Those are the most precious pics of Mattie and Ama. And I'm glad you finally got to see Wicked!